Add Your Custom Logo to WordPress Admin Login Screen

Changing the WordPress logo in the login screen is pretty cool when you build a website to another client. Placing his logo on the login screen will give him a better feeling, like ‘wow, they REALLY thought about us’. Seeing the WordPress logo isn’t always cool, and there’s nothing to lose with this snippet. Place […]

Remove ?Ver Querystring Parameter From Static Resources with WordPress

The following code example will remove all “?ver=” querystring parameters from static resources such as JS or CSS files, and may cause you issues with caching those. Just place it in your theme’s functions.php and it’ll do:

Change Any Button, Input & Text With 1 Function (Also For WooCommerce)

How many times did you encounter a “Add to Cart” button or “View Cart” button on your WooCommerce website and you wanted to change it to something else, and didn’t know how? In this code snippet we can change any string we want (as long as it’s not a string with variables, it may be […]

Create A New WordPress Page Template

Creating a New Page Template requires us to do 4 things in order to make things work, but first we’ll create a new .php file in the theme directory (/wp-content/YOUR-THEME/), such as page-homepage.php. Specify a page template name. Include the header Start the WordPress loop on the desired page & print the content Include the […]