One of the first things I do when I optimize a website to its top speed and beating the 90% score on GTMetrix, is to install a CDN.

A CDN can reduce the most of your server’s workload and help you get a better, faster and more profitable website. The CDN knows how to handle static content (such as images, js and css files) and reduces and number of the calls your server receives.

Most of the website owners don’t mind that but it’s on of the MUST DO stuff when you publish your website to the world, it’s cheap, easy to maintain and lets your server handle the real stuff it needs to deal with.

KeyCDN is my favorite CDN service – for less than $60 for a year I get a great CDN service for a year, which is pretty much a lot. Your credits are valid for a year, and you can use those for as many website as you wish.

KeyCDN’s plugins are pretty much OK but one plugin is for me the great in the CDN field, it’s Cache Enabler. It integrates with KeyCDN and takes all static content directly from your CDN.

Personally to get best results I use this one combined with Hummingbird for the rest of the work. There’s no clash between them, they work together just great and you should give it a try.

The Cache Enabler’s configure is pretty easy and it also adds a quick link to purge its cache:

You can test this website on any day, that’s how we look like on GTMetrix:

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