Integrate With MailChimp API With This Simple PHP Code

Integrating your website with MailChimp is easily done with this code. You can connect it with any form that’s processed with PHP.

WordPress Error Log 3 Code Lines Alternative with PHP

Debugging WordPress error can be sometimes a tough mission. For that, we can use that simple code to create error log file in the website’s root. Paste this into your wp-config.php: Once an error is occurred, it will create the error log file named error_log.txt with a full report of that error. Warnings will also […]

Create A New WordPress Page Template

Creating a New Page Template requires us to do 4 things in order to make things work, but first we’ll create a new .php file in the theme directory (/wp-content/YOUR-THEME/), such as page-homepage.php. Specify a page template name. Include the header Start the WordPress loop on the desired page & print the content Include the […]

How To Get The Real Visitor’s IP With PHP

The following function will return the visitor’s IP address: Usage: