Copy this code to your theme’s functions.php and each call your ‘3rd party integrations’ plugin will make after a visitor submission (For CRMs API, for example), it will include the Country, City & State of the visitor by his IP address.


add_filter('Forms3rdPartyIntegration_service_filter_post', 'add_ip_to_3rdparty_post', 10, 3);
function add_ip_to_3rdparty_post($post, $service, $form) {
	$details = json_decode(file_get_contents("{$ip}/json"));
	if(isset($details->country)) { 
		$post['country'] = $details->country;
		$post['city'] = $details->city;
		$post['state'] = $details->region;  
    return $post;

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